Frequently Asked Questions



About Cell Therapy

Is Cell Therapy safe?
Cell Therapy works on cell stimulation and renewal within your body and is non-invasive. Celergen is a food supplement and the benefits of cell therapy are encapsulated in the soft gels for oral ingestion. Therefore it is safe and harmless.

What is the difference between Cell Therapy and Stem Cell Implantations?
Stem Cell Implantations are medical procedures which can only be administered by qualified doctors. The procedure is customized to the medical needs of the patient and is known to be effective for Parkinson’s disease, down syndromes etc.

Cell Therapy on the other hand can be administered via injectables or encapsulated in the form soft gels. It is a potent transformative treatment which triggers the stimulation, rejuvenation and renewal of our cells. This renewal and healing process is critical to keep our body tissues and organ in optimum health.

About Celergen

Who should take Celergen?
Celergen is an Anti-Aging Marine Cell Therapy Supplement suitable for adults (men or women) above 28 who are health conscious and want to fight the daily assault of aging. Celergen prevents premature aging and the onset of age related diseases and helps boost our immunity system and general wellbeing.

What is the difference between Celergen and other Vitamins or nutritional supplements?
The standard manufacturing process of vitamins and most supplements uses “heat” which affects the potency and effectiveness of the supplement because this methodology will destroy most of the nutritional value of the supplement.

Celergen is manufactured using Swiss Cold Process DNA Extraction Technology, an enzymatic cold process, to ensure the potency of the nutrients is retained for the maximum benefit of the consumer.

Is Celergen safe for long term consumption?
To ensure that Celergen is harmless and have scientific objectivity, BIO-HC in Vitro department conducted and validated toxicological and pharmacological studies on Celergen. The test report was further attested and audited by PHYCHER Bio development in France.

The Independent Clinical Studies are conducted by BIO-HC Laboratories, one of Europe’s largest and most sophisticated Clinical Test research centre in Pessac, France under GLP (Good Laboratories Practice) and GCP (Good Clinical Practice) conditions.

Does Celergen contain any Placenta?
Celergen does not contain sheep or human placentas. Our main ingredient is fish DNA extract.

How long has Celergen been in the market? Is it a proven product?
Celergen was launched in May 2009 and has benefited more than 100,000 consumers till date.
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What are the certifications for Celergen?
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What clinical studies are conducted for Celergen?
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About Consumption of Celergen

I am allergic to seafood. Can I take Celergen?
The only marine ingredient in Celergen is Fish DNA Extract.

Where is the source of the fish DNA extract?
The fish species comes from the deep ocean of France and it is of premium quality since the fish DNA that are extracted for Celergen has a specific official number from French Sanitation Approval number FR 62667123 and FR 62667125 in accordance with Regulation (EC) No 852/2004 of the European Parliament.

I am a vegetarian, can I take Celergen?
The main source of protein is fish, if this is acceptable to you.

How long should I take Celergen?
It is up to the individual preference. Celergen is a nutritional supplement with antioxidants and strong anti-aging properties and can be consumed long term for prevention of aging and age-related diseases.

Should I continue to take multivitamins and Celergen?
It is up to the individual’s preference even though Celergen is usually sufficient for most people.

What are the symptoms I will experience initially when I take Celergen?
The experience differs among individuals. Some will initially feel sleepy, some will experience high metabolic rate and will feel hungry. Some people will also experience constipation. Once our body starts adjusting to Celergen usually after 10 days, you will experience the outstanding benefits of Celergen.

Why is it I feel “heaty” after taking Celergen?
Celergen is a protein rich supplement and you will be required to drink lots of water. In addition, our body takes time to adjust to Celergen. If such symptoms still persist, reduce the dosage to alternate days or twice a week. . Naturally, the dosage can be increased gradually when customers begin to feel better and would like to benefit more from the positive results of Celergen.

How do I know if it is not a fake product?
Look for the Celergen Hologram sticker on the box and the official exclusive importer and distributor of Celergen avita.

What is the expiry date of Celergen?
Expiry date can be seen at the side of the Celergen box. It lasts for 4 years from the manufactured date.

About Pre-Existing Conditions

Sexual Impotency

How does Celergen boost my sex drive and potency?
Based on the independent clinical studies on Celergen, it has shown that Celergen is able to energize, revitalize and improve moods and outlook of many of our clinical subjects.

Sexual impotency, is most of the time, a results of lack of energy and mood or optimism. Since Celergen can enhance these factors, most of our customers have reported an increase in sexual drive and potency.

Unlike Viagra, which is a drug that increases blood supply to the male organ and causes 4 hours of erection for most cases, it has tremendous known adverse side effects and apparently some customers derive no pleasure from the experience because it does not alleviate the mood of the users.


Should an osteoporosis patient take Celergen?
Celergen can help when it is combined with Calcitonin to delay bone mineralization.

Eye Conditions

Can Celergen help prevent or improve eye conditions such as cataract or glaucoma?
Celergen helps to prevent cataract and macular degeneration. Both outdoor sunlight and indoor lighting induces oxidative stress and free radical damage, Lutein in Celergen helps to protect our eyes from ultraviolet rays by filtering out the blue light.

Lutein in Celergen also helps to prevent Glaucoma, which is a condition in which fluid pressure build up inside the eye, damaging the optic nerve. If this condition is left untreated, it will lead to permanent damage of the optic nerve, resulting in visual loss leading to blindness. Celergen will do more of prevention than improving the conditions of glaucoma or even cataract.


I have cancer, can I take Celergen?
Celergen is not a drug, it is only a Food Supplement consumed to supplement a person’s daily nutrition. When taken with medication, ensure that there it is taken 4 hours apart. Celergen will help boost your metabolic rate, increase energy levels and improve your immunity system, extremely ideal for cancer patients.

From my understanding, Co-enzyme Q10 is not good for patients suffering from leukemia; does that mean Celergen cannot be taken by such patients?
Coenzyme Q10 is found to be deficient in patients with immune system cancers; therefore, Celergen can be and should be encouraged to be taken by leukemia patients. Melatonin supplement is the one that should NOT be taken by leukemia patients.


How does Celergen help diabetic patients?
GI shows how food affects the blood glucose response after a meal. Hydro MN peptide, one of the ingredients in Celergen acts as a glycemic index reducing peptide and balances blood sugar levels after meals as well as limit the post prandial glucose rise. Hence, it reduces the fluctuations in blood glucose and therefore lowers insulin demand.